Welcome to the website of Dave and Barb Kaley.   We have been involved with photography for many years, with the image making and printing being my part and my wife Barbara adding her own special artistic endeavors.
We operated a full service studio in Wisconsin for several years.  In 2004 we moved to Nevada and I focused much of my attention on landscape, portraiture, portfolio, and fine art.  In 2014 we moved back to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  I mostly plan on shooting landscape and fine art and showing my work at galleries.

I am constantly amazed at the wonders offered by nature and the beauty of the human spirit; I enjoy capturing this in my own personal endeavors.  If you would be interested in purchasing or licensing any of my landscape or fine art prints, please contact me directly at dkaley@outlook.com.  In addition to landscape images, I offer extensive portrait and portfolio services.  I particularly enjoy the portrait and portfolio portion of my work and would very much like to collaborate with you on producing images that are much more than portraits or likenesses for a portfolio.  Rather, they should be an extension of who you are or would like to be; please contact me if you are interested in these services.

My photography is largely with a digital SLR and large format (5X7 and 8X10) cameras.  My printing is divided into two types: Epson pigment printer technology and turn of the century contact printing (Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium at this time).  These printing methods provide the fine quality and longevity expected of the very best work.  While most of the landscape images will be from the Southwest, I will periodically add images from the Midwest as well.  I hope you enjoy browsing my images. 

Thank you for visiting.  Dave Kaley